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Little Tigers

Taekwondo for Ages 3.5 - 6

Little Tigers Program

Ages 3.5 – 6

Is your little one bored at home? Do they need to burn off excess energy? Are they not moving enough or too shy? The Little Tigers Program at Ahn’s Taekwondo can help! Whether it be mental or behavioral, Taekwondo can help build life skills early on.

Geared towards younger children, our program will help them learn many different skills that are needed throughout their life while staying fit. They will learn discipline, focus, respect, self-control, and confidence while having fun and improving their flexibility, coordination, balance and improving listening skills. Moreover, with our program, our instructors will provide students with training in not just physical skills, but in life skills that will help them set and achieve goals as well as instill leadership skills at an early age. It will be a fun, enjoyable and healthy way to stay fit by building their gross motor skills through age appropriate simplified training.

Our Little Tigers program will improve their athleticism while running, jumping, kicking, and having a great time. It’s a perfect way to develop healthy habits and a positive attitude. Through encouragement, praise, and motivating the children to attempt new activities and achieving goals, Ahn’s Taekwondo Little Tigers Program will help students believe in themselves!!

Summer Special!

  • 2 FREE trial classes
  • Free uniform and waived processing fee upon signup
  • 1 month of RISK-FREE membership upon signup: pay for the first month of any of our memberships; if you decide within the first month that you do not wish to continue, we cancel the remaining months with no penalty