"I Challenge"

Taekwondo for Children

The Children’s Program at Ahn’s Taekwondo is designed for kids ages 6-11. Our exciting curriculum is backed by over 40 years of teaching experience!

At this age children are growing rapidly, both mentally and physically. In order to keep learning and growing, kids need to face and overcome various challenges in their lives. The Ahn’s Taekwondo Children’s program strives to provide a variety of experiences and challenges that are so important for each child’s development.

Each skill taught has a unique benefit for the student:

-Basic Motions: understanding the body’s center
-Poomsae (forms): symmetry, focus, and balance
-Kicking: agility and flexibility
-Breaking: confidence and goal-setting
-Sparring: judgement of distance and timing, the ability to read another person’s intentions
-Self Defense: initiative, turning around a bad situation

Additionally, through physical training, the students learn the spirit of Taekwondo: patience, self-control, courage, passion, teamwork, confidence, and indomitable spirit.

Character is developed through a person’s habits. Through learning, practicing, and repeating good habits, students in the Children’s Program at Ahn’s Taekwondo are encouraged to grow into leaders and role models at home, school, and in society.


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