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Our school offers unique programs for disciplined students who want to get the most out of Taekwondo. During our classes, the masters will notice those students that show excellent Taekwondo spirit and will invite them to join the STORM Team, Elite Form Team, or Demo Team. In these classes, our students are recognized for their hard work and commitment. We build upon this discipline each week and our students are seen as role models throughout the school. Because these classes have limited spots and are invitation-only, it is highly competitive to be selected for them. The Masters watch the students in each class so we encourage our students to always try their best every class and never give up.

In STORM our students learn leadership skills and how to become excellent role models both inside and outside of Taekwondo. This is the first step for anyone looking to become a Taekwondo Instructor. The Elite Form Team focuses on detailed training and the principles behind the forms and techniques taught in class. This class is for students interested in forms on a competitive level.

The Demo Team performs at various public events throughout the year. They are focused on educating and entertaining audiences with Taekwondo. The students selected for the demo team show a strong passion for Taekwondo and share that passion with their audiences.

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