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The 2021 e-Championships

Hongik E-Hwa USA is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021 International Open, Hongik E-Hwa USA Poomsae e-Championships!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 a difficult year for everyone. Fortunately, we have been able to use the power of modern technology to stay connected and move huge sectors of our lives online. The pandemic has led to the rise of e-tournaments–fantastic opportunities to participate in competitions from all over the world! Opportunities that were previously unthinkable due to time and monetary constraints are now being opened to Taekwondo practitioners everywhere.

Hongik E-Hwa USA is hosting its first ever competition, the 2021 International Open, Hongik E-hwa USA Poomsae e-Championships, online on January 23-24, 2021! This tournament is open to athletes worldwide of all ages and levels. There are two different categories of competition (World Class and Amateur) with three Poomsae events each: Individual, Pair, and Team. Competitors may enter up to four separate events by video submission and will be scored by live judges on the competition days!

In Taekwondo we learn the value of an indomitable spirit. Even during a pandemic, we must keep persevering, training, and working towards our goals. Challenge and motivate yourself (or your students) by participating in this exciting event.

e-Championship Registration

Click the link to register for the 2021 International OPEN, Hongik E-Hwa USA Poomsae e-Championships.


Hongik E-Hwa International Masters Research Center is an organization with Taekwondo Masters in mind. Founded by Grand Master Jae Ro Ahn, it is geared towards the more serious and mature taekwondo practitioners who are at least 18 and hold at least a 4th degree black belt.

Since its recognition as an Olympic sport in 1988, Taekwondo has grown rapidly into a popular martial art practiced worldwide. However, with its rapid growth and explosion in popularity came a dilution of its fundamental and essential techniques. Hongik E-Hwa aims to correct this as much as possible by instilling accurate Taekwondo philosophies, skills, and methods in masters around the world so they can teach and train their students the right way. The mission of the organization is to help its members to UNDERSTAND the width, breadth, and depth of Taekwondo; to LEARN the essence of taekwondo with the mind, spirit, and soul; to continuously TRAIN the body through precise technique and practicums; and to LEAD and PASS ON Taekwondo knowledge to the next generation.

Hongik E-Hwa Founder Grand Master Jae Ro Ahn is a world renowned Poomsae instructor, Kukkiwon certified 8th degree black belt, and receiver of the Presidential Award in Korea (the highest honor for a civilian) for his accomplishments in Taekwondo. He founded Hongik E-Hwa International in Korea in 2015 and it has since established branches in 15 cities across 6 countries. Grand Master Ahn has recently moved to the United States and has been actively teaching Taekwondo at his school in New Jersey since 2017.

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