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About Grand Master Jae Ro Ahn

Grand Master Jae Ro Ahn is a world renowned and influential Taekwondo Master from Korea who has just recently moved to the United States. “Plainsboro is lucky to have such a prestigious Grand Master in NJ.” Fellow Taekwondo athletes are honored to have him so nearby. Future Head Master of the new Ahn’s Taekwondo in Plainsboro, GM Ahn holds a Kukkiwon Certified 8th Degree Black Belt and it is not surprising that he comes from a family of Taekwondo Grand Masters: an older brother who holds a 9th Degree Black Belt and a younger sister who holds a 7th degree black belt. With over 45 years of martial arts experience, he is an undoubted expert of Poomsae Forms. Having studied and analyzed the movements in such depth, GM Ahn knows Poomsae Forms inside and out, theoretically, intellectually as well as in its physical aspects. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Kyung Hee University in Taekwondo (the best university in Korea that offers bachelor and master’s degrees of Taekwondo) and has a master’s degree from Korea National Sport University in Taekwondo Theory.

To further develop Taekwondo for the sport to stay relevant in the Olympics, GM Jae Ro Ahn was one of the few important personnel involved for the changes; he was one of the influential members who was responsible for the amendments that were made to the poomsae forms, a patterned series of offensive and defensive techniques performed against an imaginary opponent. Poomsae forms were being reformed and modified to keep up with the times and GM Jae Ro Ahn was one of the research team that helped restructure the remodeled rules and regulations for the modern poomsae competitions.

From among many awards and recognitions, GM Jae Ro Ahn received the Presidential Award in 2016 from South Korea for the contributions and accomplishments he had made to the Taekwondo worlds. He was appointed as a national representative head coach and had all gold medalist winners in the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships of 2012 and 2013. In addition to all his achievements, GM Jae Ro Ahn also co-authored Taekwondo training books to help other Masters of Taekwondo, realizing that no enough books were available for the training for Takewonod Masters.

The newest chapter for GM Jae Ro Ahn is his new organization, Hongik E-Hwa. Hongik E-Hwa is a Masters Research Center where GM Ahn has challenged himself to educate the best and established Taekwondo Masters for the purpose of passing along his ideals and knowledge of the authentic Taekwondo and to be able to execute the skills and technique with accuracy and precision.

Poomsae seminar invitations have taken GM Jae Ro Ahn all over the world including, Belgium, China, France, India, Iraq, Japan, Korea and the United States. Having recently moved to the United States with his family, he is looking forward to meeting his new students of his newly opened school in Plainsboro while staying active internationally.

About Family Legacy

GM Jae Ro Ahn comes from a very famous Taekwondo family. His older brother, GM Jae Yoon Ahn, has a 9th degree black belt and his younger sister, Anna YS Ahn, has a 7th degree black belt.

9th degree belt is the highest rank that one can achieve, and it was earned by GM Jae Yoon Ahn as one of the youngest to achieve such a goal at the age of 57 in 2012. Even now, at the age of 60+, he is still on top of his game, physically and mentally. He stays active in his teachings as a Master Instructor at Kukkiwon in Korea and is invited worldwide for his teachings at seminars.

Among numerous awards, the most prestigious is the fact that at the age of 40, he was a poomsae division national champion for 3 straight years that allowed him to be named the MVP award for 3 consecutive years, and as a result, he was awarded the Presidential Award.

In addition to being a competitor, GM Jae Yoon Ahn was a great educator; he knew how to use his body and was able to transfer it over to teaching. He is one of the certified head instructors for Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters for over 20 years.

The two brothers, GM Jae Yoon Ahn and GM Jae Ro Ahn, were two of the founders of the ongoing research team to restructure and amend the rules and regulations for the modern poomsae forms for competition.

GM Jae Ro Ahn’s younger sister, Anna YS Ahn, 7th degree black belt holder, is the Head Master and Owner of Ahn’s Taekwondo in Montgomery.

The biggest challenge for Master Anna YS Ahn in the field of Taekwondo was her gender. Being a female did not stop her from being a pioneer as a woman in Taekwondo. She endured, persevered the rough and tough world of the male dominated sport by competing and training alongside her male counterparts. Through persistence, she was instilled with a unique, special, resilient, and indomitable spirit of Taekwondo and when the women’s division formed, it was no surprise that she was awarded the First Place for sparring at the Korean National Women’s Champion in 1984.

The dedication to teaching and the passion to pass on their knowledge runs in the family. Master Anna YS Ahn was determined to pass on the passion, spirit, and the love of Taekwondo to the next generation. College aspirations opened her path to Europe which gave Master Anna YS Ahn to build experiences in France and England and when she finally came to the United States, she challenged herself with her own school in Raritan, NJ before she started the school in Montgomery township, where she is now fully committed.

Community is an important aspect to the Ahn’s family. Master Anna YS Ahn’s passion to share with the community is evident in the involvement of Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy in local community and charity events; she supports local causes and her demo team participates and performs at local charity events as much as possible.

Beyond the local causes, Master Anna YS Ahn serves on the board for many Taekwondo associations across the United States. Her efforts were noticed when she was among the select few who was invited to be a VIP delegate to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

About Our Staff

We have many staff within our 3 locations (Plainsboro, Montgomery, Raritan/Bridgewater) of Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy. Below are some introductions to the many wonderful staff that we have within our schools. You can see some of these instructors at any of our locations at variable times.

Master Hongryong Park is the Chief Instructor at Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy in Montgomery. He is an integral part of Ahn’s Taekwondo who was with the Montgomery location since the very beginning. Being one of the youngest to earn a Kukkiwon Certified 6th Degree Black Belt, he was a Taekwondo representative athlete of his middle and high school in South Korea, where he was required to train daily for 7 to 8 hours. Master Park’s specialty was sparring and has proved him-self by winning numerous Gold Medals in multiple Korean Taekwondo sparring tournaments.

As well as being an expert in his field, Master Park is incredible with children with his patience and kindness. He puts extra care into each student and knows how to bring out the fun while teaching discipline, focus, respect and perseverance.

Olivia Maurer is our certified Senior Instructor at Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy in Montgomery. Holder of a Kukkiwon Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt, she is hands on and is visible on the floor interacting with the students, nearly all the time. Taekwondo is her passion and she works diligently to train and learn as well as teach bringing out positive energy from the students with amazing communication skills. By character, Instructor Olivia Maurer possesses the many qualities of Taekwondo and shows by example the self-discipline, sincerity, integrity, respect and etiquette that are all parts of Taekwondo. Taekwondo is an important part of Instructor Maurer’s life and as she continues her journey, preparing to earn her Master degree, she will strive to be even a better instructor and athlete.

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